IMG_1436Lilac Children’s Garden, administered by the Rochester Waldorf Education Association, is a parent cooperative program which offers classes, based on Waldorf education philosophy, to home-schooled children ages five through thirteen. We meet from one to four on Tuesday afternoons in Brighton, New York, from mid-September through May. In addition, when there is enough demand, we offer a parent child class for children ages infant through four years and their parents on Wednesday mornings.

Lilac Children’s Garden is unique in its attempt to combine the best aspects of homeschooling and Waldorf education for the benefit of Rochester-area children.

At Lilac Children’s Garden we strive to create a sacred space for our children. The teachers work with the rhythms of the day and of the year and employ Waldorf methods to engage the whole child, and nurture a deep sense of reverence for all life. We bring developmentally appropriate offerings to our children through the following activities: storytelling, singing, recorder playing, watercolor painting, drawing, handwork, and movement games. Plays that the children present each spring are a highlight of the year. We open and close each class with a lighted candle and say a verse. We celebrate the wonder of our Earth and its changing seasons with our families at seasonal festivals. Throughout the year, we rely on parents for their active involvement in our other activities.

March 19 2013 003Our program is a classroom experience that has been developed around the children’s developmental needs. The teachers caringly facilitate class social interaction. It is our intention to create a nurturing and harmonious environment for all the children. We value open communication with parents to help us provide this environment. In order to be enriched by their time with us, children must be willing and able to participate in group activities, maintain attention and to follow simple instructions.

We hold an information meeting in March of each year. If families are interested in learning more about the program, we arrange classroom visits and accept registrations throughout the year.