Teacher Sue’s Autumn Review



The beginning of the Lilac year brought some changes to the Bayberries, with a larger class for some children, and a new room and teacher for others.  The children have come together so beautifully, and we have been having a lot of fun so far this year.

One new aspect of the year has been enjoying some movement time at the beginning of each class.  We have been fortunate in having Fellowship Hall made available each day so that the classes have some time for large-motor activities.  We have joined with each class in turn for balancing and strengthening exercises, bouncing and catching balls, playing a variety of danger/pursuit games, and learning the Hebrew dance and songs that were presented at the holiday potluck.

Our main lessons so far this year have centered on Native American creation stories, starting with the stories of the Haudenosaunee, which were followed by “how and why” stories of other Native American cultures.  We’ll be switching gears in January with some traditional folk tales of China.

We have some very nimble fingers in the Bayberries class!  We began the year with knitting – a review for some, and a new skill for others.  Molly, our handwork guru, has been a wonderful help as the children worked on their first creations – a knitted chicken, cat, or project of their own choosing.  We made a start on some crocheting, but the holiday season caused a temporary interruption of our handwork time, so we’ll continue with crochet work in the new year.

The Bayberries are a very musical group, and have been learning songs for voice as well as for recorder at a rapid rate.  We like to end our day with some rousing music – the sillier the better!  It has been such a pleasure so far to work with this great group of kids, and I enjoy seeing them grow and learn, develop and strengthen friendships with each other, and bring their delightful energy to each class.  I am grateful, as always, for this special community and for the privilege of teaching your children.


Teacher Sue