Winter Solstice Spiral Walk

Every year, around the Winter Solstice, we invite our community to walk through a spiral constructed of evergreen boughs to celebrate with light and love the darkest time of the year.  One of the teachers will tell a story and then each family will be invited to walk through the spiral with an unlit candle (tucked lovingly inside a glass container), in the dark and quiet, accompanied by the soft music of the lyre to reach the center of the path where a lone candle burns.
We will invite families  with the youngest children to walk the spiral before others.  Each person/family lights the candle from the center light and looks for a golden star along the path upon which to leave the candle as they walk out of the spiral.  In this way, the spiral becomes brighter and brighter as the spiral walk proceeds. After leaving their candle on the path, families may remain until all the families have left their lights on the path, or may leave if their little ones are growing restless.  Families will leave silently so all can hold the twinkling of the lights amidst the darkness within themselves. For at solstice time when the outer world grows darkest, we are reminded that we each carry a light within ourselves that can sustain us and be shared with others until the outer light returns.