Spring Equinox

Autumn Table.
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At the spring equinox, the balance of the year shifts—winter is on the wane and spring officially begins.  We prepare for the renewal of the earth and our energy and to welcome this season of wonder when new life begins.  Our children are endlessly amazed by the symbols of rebirth and growth around us during the spring– eggs, seeds, baby animals.  At the winter solstice, the sun is reborn; at the spring equinox, the earth is reborn and life awakens as the days grow longer.

As a community, we celebrate this joyful holiday in Fellowship Hall on a Tuesday close to the Equinox. During the festival, the teachers and children share songs and activities on which they have been working, and the teachers tell a story. One by one, each family visits the four tables while the rest of the community sings spring songs.The festival concludes with the arrival of Lady Spring to hand out a treat to each child.

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Summer Table.
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March 19 2013 002

Spring Table.
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March 19 2013 001

Winter Table.
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