Opening Day

StirlingBridgex600We begin our year together with a Rainbow Bridge Ceremony. For our new families, and as a reminder to our returning families, this means we gather together as a community in Fellowship Hall. You and your children should head to Fellowship Hall a bit before the start of the ceremony and spread your blankets on the floor on the left side of the hall. The ceremony will begin at 1 pm with a welcome from the teachers, who will be seated on the right side of the hall. When each family is called, the children will cross the bridge (located in the center of the room), present his or her teacher with a flower, and join his or her class. In this way, our children leave our care for a few hours to be nurtured by their teachers. At the end of the year at our Closing Ceremony, we do this in reverse, with our children leaving their teacher’s side and joining us on the other side of the bridge. It has been a sweet and lovely tradition in our community and a wonderful way to start the year.

At the end of the ceremony, after the students have gone to their classrooms with their teachers, parents gather on the playground so that we can get to know one another and reconnect. The Lilac Board will answer any questions you may have. Importantly, this is also the time for you to learn more about Lilac and to volunteer for your parent jobs.