avocado_cracker_berriesSnack Time:  Please send nutritious snacks for your children.  We recognize the importance of nourishing not only our children’s minds but also their growing bodies.  Remember that the Lilac afternoon is long and busy for our growing children and that they need an ample amount of healthy food to sustain them through class.  Do not send candy, soda, and foods high in refined sugar.  Please inform your child’s class teacher if your child has special dietary requirements and restrictions.

No-nutsNo nuts of any kind at LCG: We have several children at LCG with life-threatening nut allergies. To ensure that there is no accidental ingestion of nuts, we ask that you not bring any nuts or nut butters (peanuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans) to LCG, either for snack time, or to share at festivals. We also ask that if your children have eaten nuts or nut butter before class that they wash their hands before coming to LCG. Our teachers will be trained in the use of epi-pens in case of an accidental exposure. For those of you unfamiliar with this allergy, we need to keep in mind that proper medical treatment still does not ensure than an allergic person will survive the exposure to even the tiniest bit of nut protein. Thanks for your cooperation.

Communication: Parents are an integral part of Lilac Children’s Garden. The teachers will work to keep you informed of classroom activities. Please keep the teachers informed of any pertinent information they may need about your child during the year. Please let us know when you have questions or concerns. You should always contact your child’s teacher first. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact one of the board members.

Respect: We expect that everyone involved in Lilac Children’s Garden will treat everyone else with respect. In the younger classes, the teachers work with the children to model and learn respectful behavior. Every effort will be made to avert disrespectful or distracting behavior. If there are concerns, the teachers will discuss them with parents at the first opportunity.

Social Inclusion: We strive to create a sacred space in all of our classrooms at LCG. We also consider ourselves a loving community. In that spirit, we will stay focused on our vision for true inclusion at LCG. We realize that children are learning all the time and we look at our time together as an opportunity to learn how to be in a group. Your help and cooperation is appreciated; if you or your children become aware of behaviors that are not inclusive, please let a teacher or board member know.

Timeliness: We ask for your cooperation in helping classes run smoothly. Please be sure that your child arrives at class on time—children should be at the church by 12:55 so that classes can start promptly at 1:00. Also, please be sure you are there to pick up your child by 4:00 so that the teachers can begin their clean-up. Even if the children are playing on the playground after class, each child must have a designated adult (usually the person who will be driving them home) there to watch over them.

Watercolor__Child_by_muttiyAppropriate Dress: At Lilac Children’s Garden, we are aiming for a true Waldorf environment for our children. We will be giving them classroom space that is appropriate for their stage of development. We will be presenting them with materials and activities designed to harmonize their minds and spirits. In light of that, TV shows, superheroes and cartoons are not part of Waldorf philosophy. We urge you to use discretion in what your child wears and brings to class. Distracting clothes, toys or backpacks detract from the Waldorf environment we are trying to provide.

Keeping germs (and kids) home: Although we only meet once a week, and we know children are often anxious to be with their friends, we ask that you always keep sick children home. Please do not send children to LCG until at least 24 hours after a fever has broken on its own, or 24 hours after a child has vomited. If your child has a highly contagious condition, such as lice or flu, please let us know so that we can inform other families. We ask that any child with lice not come to Lilac until all nits are gone. We realize the delicate nature of these issues and will always strive for respect and confidentiality. Thanks for your help in keeping us all healthy.

playgroundPlayground Time: We are fortunate to have an outdoor play space for our program. It is a privilege that the church allows us. When classes end at 4:00, children are signed out by a parent or guardian. At this point we ask that parents be responsible for their children and ensure that playground behavior and activities are safe and respectful and safe (no playing with sticks, or throwing snowballs, for example) for a busy play area with multiple ages and levels of maturity. We ask that children stay on the playground adjacent to the building and not cross the driveway or parking lot. We all need to be the eyes and ears of the LCG community to ensure that our playground time is a positive experience for all. We encourage parents or older siblings to get involved by offering group games (four square, jump rope, etc.).

We ask that if you are bringing a pet to the LCG playground that you keep it leashed and under an adult’s control at all times– to protect little ones on the playground, and to be sure someone is cleaning up after the pet.

Use of the Building and Lounge at 12 Corners: LCG rents six classrooms from Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church. In addition, the church has given LCG permission to use Fellowship Hall and the lounge next to the Willows room for parents who are waiting with younger children. Please remember we always need to leave all rooms as we find them. Thank you for your help!

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Parking at 12 Corners: The church has asked that we park in the double rows of spaces past the north entrance (nursery school entrance). We may not use any parking space along the fence, toward Brighton High School and closest to the north entrance. The church leases these spaces to other groups.

Safety: Personal safety is an issue that the teachers at our initiative take very seriously. We have strict rules about children’s movements and whereabouts during class sessions, to ensure that your children will have a safe and happy experience at Lilac Children’s Garden. There is a structured procedural protocol in the event of illness or injury.

Security at 12 Corners: The church has asked that we not allow unattended children in the halls. Please keep track of your children when you are dropping off and picking up. The church asks that all LCG families and teachers be out of the building by 4:30.

watercolorSnowflakeSnow Days: In the event of a snow or other weather emergency, we will follow the Brighton School District—if they are closed, so are we!

Withdrawing from LCG: If a family decides to withdraw a child from the program, they need to provide written notice to the Board. If tuition has not been fully paid they will be responsible for four weeks of tuition past the notice date. If tuition has been fully paid refunds will be at the discretion of the Board.