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Poem by Teacher Sue

watercolorSnowflakeCold late-winter drawing near,
Illness in our Garden here:
Fever, viruses, and croup,
Hacking coughs and nasal gloop,
Ceaseless snow and bitter cold,
Taking down both young and old.
Teachers need to convalesce –
they send out an S.O.S.
Helpers home with kids so sickly,
Need a substitute – and quickly!

Yonder come our valiant knights
Who set our staffing needs to rights!
Volunteers respond with speed,
Pitching in to meet the need.
Some can stay an hour or two –
“Tell us something we can do!”
Lo – the afternoon has passed
And young and old have had a blast.

Cold late-winter drawing near,
Illness in our garden here –
One bright flame we still can see
The light of our community!

Teacher Sue